Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Olympic legacy - don't let pupils down

I wrote recently about our acquisition of a sports centre and how it will benefit not just our pupils but also the local community.  I am particularly keen that local primary schools access the facilities and  make the most of the opportunity to get into sport and a healthy lifestyle at a young age.

Last evening I had a meeting with my Director of Sport and one of my Deputy Heads about increasing the amount of cricket coaching we provide to our pupils and access for local clubs to our indoor nets.  Last Friday, I met with Kent LTA to discuss new coaching programmes at the sports centre (both indoor and outdoor and, again, both for our pupils and others).

All this makes an article in today's Guardian particularly relevant.  The demand for sport is huge and yet there are real concerns over potential cuts to funding for sport in the state sector.  An announcement is expected in the next fortnight and I hope the government does the right thing for young people in our country.

Click here for the article online.