Thursday, 7 February 2013

Does Gove get it? It seems he might.

On Saturday evening I wrote a blog post about my concerns over Michael Gove's proposed reforms to GCSE.  I concluded by writing:

"He (Michael Gove) was right to stick to his guns in the early days but now he needs to demonstrate a little more understanding and humility.  He must listen to his critics and engage with their concerns or he risks weakening the very education system he wants to improve."

This morning I woke up to hear on the radio that Mr Gove has decided to scrap his proposal for a new English Baccalaureate.  While I suspect it wasn't my post on Saturday that pushed him over the edge, I am nonetheless delighted that he has had the courage to accept that his plans were wrong.  I hope this marks a new willingness to engage with educationalists.  Our education system does need improvement and there are plenty of good people willing to engage with progress.

Coverage of Mr Gove's decision can be found on the BBC website