Sunday, 4 November 2012

The importance of good Careers Advice

A recent survey in the Times Educational Supplement showed widespread concern in schools about the quality of careers advice on offer.  Two thirds of respondent said they worried 'a lot' or 'sometimes' (click here for TES article).

They are right to be concerned, especially in the context of recession where good jobs are increasingly hard to secure.  The education we provide for our pupils should ensure that they achieve their best possible results in exams but the real value lies in preparing them for a successful, fulfilled life.  Exam results might get you interviews but it's the person who walks through the door that gets the job and that's why we place such a premium on the wider curriculum where skills are developed such as leadership, a willingness to take on challenges and confidence.

Pupils also need specific advice and we will be launching a website in the next few weeks called 'The Jobs Network'.  King's alumni and current parents are registering as mentors so that they can offer careers advice, work experience and other help to enable King's former pupils make decisions about careers and make them better candidates.  Current pupils are also benefitting from CV writing clinics, seminars on different careers paths and mock interviews.  It's a great example of how King's looks after pupils even when they have left school and is a reflection of our commitment to education being a lifelong process.