Monday, 8 October 2012

Music - the soul of a school

One of the things I am enjoying most about living and working at King's has been an almost daily exposure to music.  At least four mornings a week I start my day in Rochester Cathedral where I listen to (and thoroughly enjoy singing along to) the magnificent organ and our school choir.  There are few things more uplifting than great music and the school singing together.  Every week there are more than 250 individual music lessons at King's and we have more than 20 music scholars, including choristers and two organ scholars.  The level of creativity this fosters and the wonderful talents of the pupils causes an incredible buzz even on some of the overcast and wet days of recent weeks.

Last Friday evening saw music of a different style in the first 'Open Mic Night' of the year.  Organised entirely by pupils, over half of the Senior School, parents and staff were treated to twenty school bands and soloists.  Great times, great music and a fantastic way to finish the working week - even if it did give me a hoarse voice for our Open Morning the following day.